Informational Websites

  • Montery Superior Court - For information on Monterey County local rules of court, hearings, calendar, etc.
  • Judicial Council Forms - To prepare and print Judicial Council forms.
  • - Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California.
  • Law Help of California - Provides the public with access to basic legal information and legal resources in California.
  • State Bar of California - Certified Lawyer Referral Service - also links to your county Bar Association and Referral Services.
  • California Family Law Code - California law.
  • California Courts and Judicial System - Recent court decisions and court calendars. You can search for court appearances by date, name, and case number, rules of the court, filing fees, and other related law links.
  • California Society of CPAs - This site provides a list of forensic accountants throughout the state that work in the family law area.
  • Association of Certified Family Law Specialists - The website of the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists in California.
  • Collaborative Divorce - A non-adversarial, coordinated professional team approach that minimizes the expense of divorce while providing emotional, financial, and legal support to the couple.
  • Kelly Blue Book - Resource for determining values of used cars.
  • Consumer Price Index - Information from the Federal Reserve.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics - The Bureau of Labor Statistics site, where you can get all the cost of living data direct from the source.
  • Social Security - An important asset not to overlook in a divorce are Social Security benefits. You can request a statement of your lifetime earnings and estimate of your benefits. A non working spouse may be eligible for derivative payments for a marriage over 10 years. Also, you can get some answers to uncommon divorce related questions.
  • California Judicial Council Forms - Selected California court forms on line.
  • Internal Revenue Service - Download and print out all IRS forms and most of their publications. Form 4506 (and the client’s signature) will get you old tax returns. Form 8332 is the Release of Claim of Exemption form used for most family support awards.
  • Internal Revenue Service - Publication 504 - Tax information on divorced or separated individuals, costs of getting divorced.
  • American Bar Association - This is the ABA Family Law Section site which includes model Standards of Practice, abstracts from the Family Law Quarterly, discussion groups, and other interesting links.
  • - The Martindale Hubbell director online. Especially useful when searching out of state for family law practitioners.
  • Yahoo! stock quotes and finance - An easy site to look up the current price of that stock in your client’s portfolio. Plus historical charts, consensus analysis and more.

Non-Profit Legal Resources

  • California Rural Legal Assistance
    Free help for people under the age of 60 who are low income
    831-375-0505 (Monterey)
  • Legal Services for Seniors
    Free help for people over the age of 60
    831-442-7700 (Salinas)
  • Lawyer Referral Service
    $35 fee for a half hour consultation
    831-663-6955 (Salinas)
  • District Attorney Domestic Violence Advocate
    831-375-0505 (Salinas)
    831-647-7772 (Monterey)
  • Family Service Center
    831-373-4421 (Monterey)
  • Men's Alternatives to Violence
    831-443-6288 (Salinas)
  • Shelter Plus
    831-422-2201 (Salinas)
  • Trucha, Inc.
    831-424-0521 (Salinas)
  • Women's Crisis Center
    831-757-1001 (Salinas)
  • YWCA
    831-583-1025 (Monterey)

Other Resources

  • Monterey County Superior Court
    Self-Help Center
    1200 Aguajito Road, Room 303 (Third Floor)
    Monterery, Ca 93940
    Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm (Mon - Fri)